Sam Showed Up

Edward van de Vendel shortisted for the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2024
Silver Pencil 2012 (NL)
List of Best Books (EST)
Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People 2017 (USA)
Full English translation available

When a big white dog turns up unexpectedly in their front yard, Kix and Emilia immediately want to adopt him. They name the dog Sam, and even though their parents say they can’t take him in, it isn’t long before Sam becomes a part of the family. But when Sam’s original owner comes looking for him, Kix realizes that deciding where Sam belongs is anything but simple.

‘This heart-warming story is one of the best books in Edward van de Vendel’s oeuvre.’ – Trouw
‘With Sam Showed Up, Edward van de Vendel is already staking a claim to have written the best children’s book of the year. […] A book with psychological depth and literary complexity that never goes over children’s heads. A story that has everything it takes to capturea young reader’s heart.’ – De Standaard

  • Illustrated Fiction | 110 pages | 14,1 x 22,3 cm
  • Toen kwam Sam
  • Em. Querido's Children's Books
  • Carlsen (German)
  • L'école des loisirs (French)
  • Eerdmans (English - World)
  • Magic Elephant (Simplified Chinese)
  • Päike ja Pilv (Estonian)
  • Petrkov (Czech)
  • Protea (Afrikaans, Northern Sotho, South Ndebele, Southern Sotho, Swati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, Zulu)