Sam in Winter

Honor Book Paterson Prize for Young People (USA)

Sam, the mysterious dog Kix met last summer, is now a part of the family. But Sam has been acting strangely lately, and even Kix can’t ignore the fact that his beloved dog is getting old. Still, Kix isn’t worried – until the day Sam disappears and doesn’t return.
As winter sets in, Kix becomes desperate to find Sam, so desperate that he decides to turn to an old enemy for help. Will they be able to rescue Sam before it’s too late?

Edward van de Vendel once again delivers a deeply affecting story that will stay with readers long after they turn the final page.

  • Illustrated Fiction | 144 pages | 14,1 x 22,3 cm
  • De raadsels van Sam
  • Em. Querido's Children's Books
  • Carlsen (German)
  • L'école des loisirs (French)
  • Eerdmans (English - World)
  • Päike ja Pilv (Estonian)
  • Petrkov (Czech)