Zebediah the Bear’s Wondrous Wanderings Around the World

One day, Zebediah the Bear embarks on a journey like a real explorer in search of the end of the world. On his way, he visits strange places and meets the most wondrous characters: a heartbroken frog, a rabbit who is actually a dove, and a certified sculptor who has never sculpted.
He arrives at the Land of Lost, gets shot through a cannon to the Other End of the World, and escapes from a hungry shark with a borrowed mermaid’s tail. He gets to know a sloth and ends up knocking on the door at Janus & Janus, for all your inquiries.
Will Zebediah succeed in finding the end of the world?

Zebediah the Bear’s Wondrous Wanderings Around the World is a revised version of the similarly-titled book from 1993, supplemented with new stories and several chapters from The Riddle of the Red Thread from 1989. With brand-new color illustrations by Annette Fienieg.

  • Illustrated Fiction | 124 pages | 15,5 x 22 cm
  • De wonderlijke wereldreis van Zebedeus
  • Hoogland & Van Klaveren