Zebediah the Bear and the Board Game

Hightlighted by the Dutch Foundation for Literature
Nominated for the Best Philosophical Children’s Book of the Year 2023 (NL)

‘For you,’ said Pollux the postman.
‘A package? From who?’
‘From someone called Mot Mortimer.’
‘Mot Mortimer? I don’t know any Mot Mortimers.’
‘Well, he seems to know you. Look here, it’s addressed to The Honorable well-born Zebediah the Bear.’
‘That’s me,’ Zebediah said. ‘But I don’t remember how well I was born, it was so long ago.’

When Zebediah the Bear receives a package one morning, he has no idea who the sender is. Home-loving and hesitant by nature, Zebediah is then invited by a goose he has never met before to join him on his travels. He leaves his familiar home at the top of the hill to embark on what turns out to be a journey he will never forget.

Koos Meinderts has written a masterful, humorous and light-heartedly philosophical story full of wonderful characters and curious adventures. Annette Fienieg  has created beautiful illustrations to accompany it. A modern classic!

‘This story is covered with an unmistakable layer of Meinderts-melancholy, heightened by Annette Fienieg’s captivating, dreamlike illustrations. Beneath it,  however, there is plenty of light and air. (…) Meinderts’ poetic heart beats loud and clear. He writes plainly and unpretentiously, but much is said between the lines of the witty dialogue.’ ★★★★ NRC Handelsblad

Meinderts’ language is precise and full of subtle humour (…) Annette Fienieg’s work, just like Meinderts’, is imbued with a gentle touch. In her warm pictures in mixed media, we see Zebediah with red rucksack full of wonder.’ – Het Parool

A carefree collection of stories that oozes joy, full of playful sentences and creative and elastic language. Of course, Meinderts shares the fun with Annette Fienieg, who elevates the book to the next level. She, too, takes the bit between her teeth and gives her all with stunning pictures that exude feeling. The  illustrations make Zebediah an even more vivid and loveable character’ – jaapleest.nl

Zebediah the Bear has all the makings of the successful and moving literary testament of a children’s book troubadour, who knows that we experience most on the one adventure we never asked for.’ – de Volkskrant

  • Illustrated Fiction | 176 pages | 15,5 x 22 cm
  • Zebedeus en het ganzenbord van Wisse
  • Hoogland & Van Klaveren
  • Everafter (Simplified Chinese)