The Thousand Flowers of Dior

Christian Dior grows up in a villa on the cliffs of Normandy, overlooking the sea. He loves the roses in the garden, with their delicate colours and lovely scent, and the sunshine that warms the grey pebble beaches. He also enjoys sketching elegant dresses like the ones his mother wears. At the age of five, he moves to Paris
with his family. The Great Depression and the Second World War take their toll on the family, but once the bad times are over, he draws inspiration from his happy childhood to create a new world of his own, and the most beautiful dresses.

Annemarie van Haeringen tells the story of Christian Dior from the perspective of one of his creations: the iconic 1949 Miss Dior dress, also known as the flower dress. She gives an insight into the shapes and scents that inspired its designer. A warm and inspiring new book in the Art Picture Book series!