Seven Ways to Fall Asleep

‘I can still remember how I often had trouble getting to sleep as a child – and still do, for that matter! All those thoughts going round and round, round and round in my head… long after my parents had gone to bed and the whole house was completely silent, my mind was usually still a hive of activity. Sometimes I would picture a quiet little island with a calm sea, where I lay in a hollow on the beach, looking up at the stars and a friendly moon, and if that didn’t help, I thought of something else. Until finally it happened and suddenly it was the next morning, with the light coming through the curtains. Hurray, I had fallen asleep after all! Then I would always wink at Tiger on the wall and jump out of bed. Hello brand-new day!
There are elements of myself in the little boy in this book, but Marieke Nelissen has fleshed him out with her dreamlike drawings. I never imagined it would turn out so beautifully…’ – Theo Olthuis

  • Picture Book | 32 pages | 21 x 28 cm
  • Zeven manieren om in slaap te vallen
  • Hoogland & Van Klaveren