Panda & Squirrel

English sample translation available

“Night falls, the birds are silent. Panda is lying peacefully on his back in his cave in the mountain.
There is a tree in front of the cave, Squirrel is coming. He snuggles up on Panda’s belly. Nice and warm.
They look at the full moon above the tall tree.”

Panda and Squirrel are the best of friends. They cannot live without each other, and do everything together: looking at the moon, travelling, going for walks, playing games… But sometimes they argue over who the winner is. Fortunately, they quickly make up again. Six read-aloud stories about an unbreakable friendship.

  • Illustrated Fiction | 52 pages | 30,8 x 24,7 cm
  • Panda & Eekhoorn
  • Davidsfonds Infodok
  • Moritz Verlag (German)
  • Gecko Press (English - World)
  • Al-Turjman (Arabic)