Panda & Squirrel – All Stories

Panda and Squirrel are best friends.
They cannot live without each other.
They look at the moon together, go on trips together, take walks, play games…. They are true friends who cannot live without each other.

The eighteen read-aloud stories about Panda and Squirrel have now been compiled into one thick book.

‘Captivating text, ideal for reading aloud.’ – The New York Times
‘Full of heart and gentle humor, Panda and Squirrel are sure to please.’ – Booklist
‘Each theme centres on the beautiful, unconditional friendship between Panda and Squirrel. It is a deeply moving read-aloud book. An absolute gem that deserves a place in every living room.’ ★★★★★ –

  • Illustrated Fiction | 184 pages | 24 x 30 cm
  • Het grote boek van Panda & Eekhoorn
  • Davidsfonds Infodok