Where is the Dragon?

Three not-so-smart knights go in search of a dragon – the King doesn’t dare to go to bed until they defeat the beast. The knights know all about dragons, and are armed to the teeth. Now they just have to find it.
With a candle in hand, they go looking in the dark night. They soon find something that looks very much like a dragon… Charge!
In Where Is the Dragon? Leo Timmers plays with light and shade in an ingenious way. Charming illustrations tell a story in which nothing is what it seems.

  • Picture Book | 40 pages | 28 x 21 cm
  • Waar is de draak?
  • Em. Querido's Children's Books
  • Gecko Press (English - World)
  • aracari (German)
  • Cambourakis (French)
  • Una Luna (Spanish)
  • Marsik (Turkish)
  • CITIC Press (Simplified Chinese)
  • Children's Publications (Traditional Chinese)
  • Daruso Consulting (Czech, Slovak)