Tim on the Pavement

Winner Childrens’ Bookstore Prize 2005
Winner Leespluim 2005 (Best Children’s Book of the Month)

‘You’ll stay on the pavement, won’t you?’ said Tim’s father.
‘Why?’ asked Tim.
‘Because it’s dangerous to go off the pavement,’ said his father.
As promised, Tim stays on the pavement, even when the paving stones are lifted by roadworkers, a lorry driver, dock workers and even a crane…

‘A comical picture book by Tjibbe Veldkamp and Kees de Boer.’ – NRC Handelsblad
‘Veldkamp’s name on a picture book cover is a tacit guarantee of success.’ – deVolkskrant

  • Picture Book | 28 pages | 22,2 x 29,2 cm
  • Tim op de tegels
  • van Goor
  • Turbine (Danish)