Elias has been waiting for a donor heart for half his life. In his hospital bed, he counts the minutes and the hours, until it is finally time for his transplant. When he wakes up after the operation, an unknown boy is standing beside his bed. Elias is the only one who can see him. ‘You have my heart,’ says the boy.
Boyd is dead, and can never correct his devastating mistake. What kind of idiot accidentally falls off a bridge? Now he is stuck in this hospital, and the only one who can see him is that pale weakling in his sterile bed. And what’s more, the weakling has Boyd’s heart.
Poorly Elias and reckless Boyd are forced together by fate, connected by the same heart. But how do you live together if you that’s all you have in common? As soon as the boys realise that in order to help themselves, they must first help each other, a special bond gradually develops between them.

  • Fiction | 162 pages | 15 x 21,5 cm
  • Tikker
  • Hoogland & Van Klaveren
  • Mixtvision (German)