The Tooth Butcher

Kaat is a real Daredevil Champion.
She dreams of becoming a stunt pilot and is slowly driving her parents crazy with her reckless tricks. But while Kaat is not scared of anything, there is one BIG problem… she has a cavity and does not want to go to the dentist, because a dentist…
… is a butcher, with a drill! A torturer, dressed as a doctor, who thinks pain is a thrill…!

The new story in the rhyming series that includes Auntie Awful and The Child Meat Factory is yet another hilarious ride through the brain of a very imaginative child! The words hurtle and bounce across the page, and the beautiful pictures by Annelies Vandenbosch bring the whole story to life. Offers hours of guaranteed
fun to look at and read (aloud), for young and old!

  • Illustrated Fiction | 60 pages | 23 x 34 cm
  • De tandenslager
  • Davidsfonds Infodok