The First Light

It happened suddenly during the longest night. The moon was hiding and thousands of stars were shining bright.
We flew through the forest, soaring high above the green and diving swiftly back down.
All we heard was our own buzzing and laughter.
First, her light broke.
Then, her wings stopped beating and she floated like a leaf to the ground.

Firefly’s light has gone out for good.
Her animal friends try to ask Ant and Owl for advice, but nothing can be done. They say goodbye, but then one of Firefly’s paws breaks off.
Fortunately, Ant knows what to do. Firefly’s limbs can help other animals. They are very grateful for that.

  • Picture Book | 40 pages | 25 x 19,5 cm
  • Het eerste licht
  • Davidsfonds Infodok