The Fairy Tale Picture Book

Nominated for the European Design Award 2016

The Fairy Tale Picture Book is a colourful search book featuring a variety of characters from Grimm’s well-known fairy tales. The illustrations are funny and lively, and the fairy tales are depicted one step at a time. Look inside with your child to find out what is going to happen – it is so much fun! Find the eight fairy tales and discover which characters are riding around on the red bicycle. Who makes off with the letter and who snatches the hunter’s cap? And what is in the wolf’s suitcase? Includes Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Tom Thumb and five other well-known fairy tales.


Press on The Fairy Tale Picture Book:

‘The fairy-tale characters, each drawn on a pitch-black background, are bright, fresh and contemporary. Thanks to the original illustration style, the well-known fairy tales are depicted in a new way.’ – NBD Biblion

  • Picture Book | 32 pages | 29,7 x 24 cm
  • Het Sprookjesprentenboek
  • Caroline Ellerbeck
  • aracari (German)