The Boy Who Loved to Draw Cats

Some stories have been around for centuries. They have been lived and made up, told and retold in other ages or faraway lands. But they never disappear. They travel through space and time and continue to captivate people from all countries, eras and walks of life. Do you know why? It is because they are stories by and about people, and we are people too. People with dreams and desires, passions and fears. The world may change, but these things always remain the same.

At the invitation of Fatinha Ramos, Michael De Cock has collected a number of stories hailing from far and wide. They are funny, touching, human and slightly unusual tales that will appeal to young and old. Fatinha Ramos has adorned them with new illustrations with her boundless imagination and unique, universal style.

‘The Boy Who Loved to Draw Cats is a charming book full of beautiful language and stunning illustrations.’ –

  • Illustrated Fiction | 88 pages | 19,5 x 25 cm
  • De jongen die graag katten tekende
  • Davidsfonds Infodok