The Big Poo Cookbook

With The Big Poo Cookbook you can easily prepare the most delicious, healthy recipes that also look pretty disgusting.
Surprise your family and friends with a completely homemade meal from this unique and richly illustrated recipe book. Dish up the delicious Wholemeal Logs, for example, or, for a change, serve some creamy Seagull Splats (based on an original Amsterdam recipe!). Or bring out a tasty Field Salad with Rabbit Droppings.
The Big Poo Cookbook is packed with recipes for a deliciously disgusting spread. From Mexican Green Crapamole to Skid Mark Pancakes, from Mice Droppings Caviar to Snot Fondue.
Your guests will never forget your extraordinary creations, but won’t be able to stop licking their fingers!

After all, its better to cook dirty and eat well than cook well and eat dirty!

  • Illustrated Fiction | 112 pages | 25 x 19,5 cm
  • Het grote poepkookboek
  • Hoogland & Van Klaveren