That’s Perfectly Normal, Isn’t It?

Marty Mole only has a mum… Simon and Sarah Stork have no children…. And William Woodpecker has two dads…
‘Welcome to the Multicoloured Maple! The Multicoloured Maple is a tree full of houses and dens belonging to all sorts of animals. My name is Centipede Miel, and I’m the postman of the Multicoloured Maple. I deliver letters and parcels every day, from deep below the tree to the very top! Would you like to join me on my round for a day? I’ll introduce you to the families who live in the Multicoloured Maple. They’re all different, but that’s completely normal, isn’t it?’

A colourful picture book about equally colourful families and households.

  • Picture Book | 32 pages | 24 x 33 cm
  • Dat is toch heel gewoon?
  • De Limonadefabriek
  • Il Castello (Italian)
  • Hangzhou Redflowers Network Technology (Simplified Chinese)
  • Xi’an Quljang Peihao Publishing (Simplified Chinese)