Seahorse Finds a Friend

Today’s the day. Baby seahorse is big enough to leave Daddy’s pouch.
He’s allowed to go off by himself for the first time.
‘Have fun,’ Daddy says, ‘see if you can find a friend to play with.’
Seahorse bounces through the water.
‘Hello! Look at me! I’m big and strong!’

Emporor Fish and Cardinal Fish aren’t so friendly in return. Also, the other fish are arrogant.
They shout: ‘You’re not a fi-ish!’
And then they shoot off.

Yet, Little Seahorse makes an unexpected friend. Together they go on an exciting adventure. Will it end well?

  • Picture Book | 32 pages | 23,8 x 28,6 cm
  • Zeepaardje zoekt een vriendje
  • Leopold