Oscar and the Ornikop

On the ceiling, there is a damp patch that resembles a cloud. Oscar lies in his bed, looking at it. He has been familiar with that spot for a very long time. Often it has been an exciting cloud on which he could travel to distant lands. But today it is a rain cloud and thunder is roaring above the house. The rain cloud is rumbling on the ceiling. It starts to rain over Oscar’s bed. A few drops fall on his cheek. He quickly wipes them away. The curtain rustles in the open window. A gust of wind sweeps through the street. Oscar hears a low-pitched sound in the gutter outside. Like a father clearing his throat. It stops raining and when Oscar looks to one side, he sees the Ornikop in the skylight.

A fabulous tale by master storyteller Harm de Jonge, brilliantly illustrated by Charlotte Dematons

  • Illustrated Fiction | 80 pages | 18 x 25 cm
  • Oscar en de Ornikop
  • Hoogland & Van Klaveren