Mr Makkelie’s Night Lanterns

It is quiet.
Someone has been cutting, but no one heard the scissors.
Someone is folding, but there is no rustling. There is a man. He folds my house, glues your house, and puts them down on our street. But he
does not make a sound. There are lanterns in the night. The flames are our dreams. They burn brightly, but you hear nothing – no footstep in an alleyway, no boat sailing through clouds, no scooter on a snake’s body, no horse trotting across the sky. Nothing. Because the doors of the lanterns are still closed.
Have you ever heard nothing, nothing at all?

Mr Makkelie delivers dreams in the night. Alice Hoogstad drew 14 illustrations for this book, and 13 different authors wrote a story to
accompany them.

  • Illustrated Fiction | 64 pages | 23,5 x 27 cm
  • De nachtlantaarns van Meneer Makkelie
  • Hoogland & Van Klaveren