Jonah and Brian Gurnard’s Little Fish

Winner of the Flag and Pennant 2014

Jonah sits by the window and looks outside. He is bored. Nothing exciting is happening on the canal. No cars driving into the water, no boats sinking. Not even an old lady that falls in and needs to be rescued. On the roof across the street, two seagulls are taking a nap. The grey sky hangs heavy over the houses. If nothing exciting happens, Jonah thinks, I will just have to make something up myself. He puts on his sunglasses and all of a sudden the whole world looks different. An elegant orange boot that belongs to the queen is floating in the canal. And a little further down, there is a newspaper the size of a carpet with the queen herself on it!

A fantastic story about a boy and the power of his imagination.

  • Illustrated Fiction | 80 pages | 18 x 21,5 cm
  • Jonas en de visjes van Kees Poon
  • Hoogland & Van Klaveren