Island Days

Flag & Pennant 2017
Nominated by the Flemish Children’s Jury 2018
Luchs Prize June 2018 (awarded by Die Zeit and Radio Bremen)

Jacob is convinced of one thing: this summer will be a disaster. While his mother and her new boyfriend are spending the holiday far away in expensive hotels, he is stuck on a Greek island for weeks on end. What’s he supposed to do in a scorching hot village where everyone speaks a strange kind of gibberish?
And what good is a father you barely know and who never has any time for you? Then suddenly the cheerful Michaelis enters Jacob’s life. They fill their days with sea, sun and carefree living. Together with Puck – Miech’s girlfriend – they form an invincible trio and an extraordinary friendship. Or is friendship perhaps not the right word?
This summer will change Jakob’s life forever.

Press on Island Days:
‘Gideon Samson has a strong way of rendering vulnerable children’s strength.’ – de Volkskrant
‘The atmosphere in Gideon Samson’s Island Days is electric.’ – Trouw
‘Gideon Samson maintains the tension all the way to the very end of this original story about the confusing emotions that can engulf you during puberty’ – 7 Days
‘Samson’s books are always quite an experience. This may be his very best one’ – Elsevier

  • Fiction | 160 pages | 14,5 x 22 cm
  • Eilanddagen
  • Leopold
  • Camelozampa (Italian)
  • Polyandria No Age (German, Slovenian, Russian)