What Cats Think

Flag & Pennant 2018 (Special Mention by the Golden Pencil Jury)

Pensive, annoyed, deeply satisfied, offended, inquisitive, needy, snooty, clumsy. Whether you love cats or not, you are bound to recognise the cat moods listed above. To many people, cats’ typically wilful behaviour is irresistible.

Mies van Hout is not just a huge cat lover, she also has a very good eye and is able to represent animals’ emotions convincingly on paper. Inspired by her own cat, she put together twenty extremely recognisable cat emotions and captured their essence in a colourful collection.

Five highly-acclaimed Dutch children’s authors have taken up the challenge to write beautiful cat poetry to accompany the pictures.
What Cats Think is an ode to the cat in all its guises!

Press on What Cats Think:

‘Are cats capable of poetry? They are in this volume…Color pours off each page in van Hout’s vibrant, bold illustrations—a mix of acrylic ink, oil pastels, and gouache. Her felines expressively embody Spray’s emphatic free verse, which authentically gives voice to cats’ changeable emotions.’ — Publishers Weekly

‘Cat art that is simply pawfect.’ – Trouw

What Cats Think is a beautiful picture book about cats, full of cat pictures and cat poetry. It will make you start gently purring as soon as you open the book. Try it. Hi puss!’ – leesfeest.nl

‘A picture-perfect children’s book. Every single one of its contributors is a legend of children’s literature. You don’t have to be a cat lover to enjoy this.’ – Book panel De Wereld Draait Door, daily talk show

‘A brilliant poetry picture book for all cat lovers.’ – Friesch Dagblad


  • Picture Book | 48 pages | 29,5 x 25 cm
  • Dag Poes!
  • Hoogland & Van Klaveren
  • aracari (German)
  • Camelozampa (Italian)
  • minedition (French)
  • Nishimura (Japanese)
  • Pajama Press (English - World)