Heaven Can Wait

Silver Slate Pencil 2010
Nominated for the Gouden Uil Jeugdliteratuurprijs (Golden Owl Youth Award) 2010
Nominated by the Kinderjury (Dutch Children’s jury) 2010

From the first page to the last, Belle is in bed. And not because she’s tired. By the way, ‘Belle’ means beautiful’ in French, but that’s not really relevant. She loves to run and dance. And she loves her grandfather (very much), because he doesn’t treat her like she’s pitiful. Belle also loves spaghetti, but that’s actually not in the
book, so it’s OK to forget this immediately. Even though it’s true.
Since Belle is in bed all the time, you’ll find no running in this book. And for the first dance moves you’ll have to wait for at least hundred pages. Still, lots of things happen. Mum lies, the doctors chatter, dad keeps flying in and out and grandma falls down the stairs. In the meantime, Brie chatters like a false trumpet
through Belle’s life and grandpa tells pretty good jokes. And little Jan is also there, but he doesn’t make it till the end. Or does he?

  • Fiction | 128 pages | 14,5 x 22 cm
  • De hemel kan wachten
  • Leopold
  • Turbine (Danish)