It is bedtime, but Hannah is not going to get much sleep tonight. She picks up her banjo, a torch and a shovel and climbs out of the window, high up into the trees. Further up, she is joined by an earwig, a grasshopper and a green woodpecker. Later, now accompanied by a badger and three earthworms, they all end up at an underground party and make music together.

Hannah is a book without words that stands out on account of its original and imaginative format: a fold-out book that follows the direction of the story. For children 3 to 6 years old, but actually for everyone.


Press on Hannah

Hannah is a wonderfully original pop-up book that is sure to provide hours of viewing pleasure.’ – kinderboekenpraatjes.nl

Hannah by Renske Gerstel is an exceptional children’s book that impresses with its original format that actually reflects the story and provides an extraordinary reading experience.’ – tzum.info

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