Good Dog, Naughty Cat

Selected for the National Picture Book Top 10

A spider waits patiently in its web.
A bluebottle buzzes impatiently around the room. Sleeping sloths hang from a branch. Ants are always busy.
That is the nature of the beast. But what about you? Are you more like a well-behaved dog or a naughty cat?
This book contains 32 beautiful animal portraits by Mies van Hout. On each spread, two animals with opposite characteristics are presented: the eye-catching butterfly vs. the unnoticeable one, the naughty cat vs. the good dog, and so on. Golden Pencil winner Bette Westera has written a charming verse for each creature.

  • Picture Book | 36 pages | 29,1 x 22,8 cm
  • Brave hond! Stoute kat!
  • Gottmer
  • aracari (German)
  • Eerdmans Books for Young Readers (English - North America)
  • minedition (French)