Black Swan

Silver Slate Pencil 2013
Honourable Mention of the Golden Frame Jury 2013
White Raven 2013
Nominated by the Flemish Children’s Jury 2014
Shortlisted for the Little Cervantes 2014

‘Hey Dee.’
‘What’s up?’
‘Let’s have a laugh.’
Rivka makes things up. She always does. Lies and jokes.
And she always thinks of things to do. This time she has a new idea. It is scary and wonderful at the same time. Rivka would like to attend her own funeral.
Deirdre says it can’t be done. But Rivka has thought of a way to do it. And if Rivka wants something, she gets her way. Together with Dee she is going to fool the whole world. This will be the joke of the century.
Three children, three stories. I am Deirdre. He is Oliver. You are Rivka. Surely nothing can go wrong, if we have thought of everything?

Press on Black Swan:
‘With Black Swan, a dark story about a formidable bad girl, Samson has surpassed himself as a teller of quirky tales.’ – Het Parool
‘Samson plays masterfully with the reader’s expectations and even manages to spring a surprise on the final page.’ – Trouw

  • Fiction | 160 | 14,5 x 22 cm
  • Zwarte zwaan
  • Leopold
  • Gerstenberg (German)
  • Turbine (Danish)
  • Hispel (Frisian)