Biography of a Fly

“I’m a fly!” Fly cried out in joy, doing a loop-the-loop in the sky. “Fly, fly, fly!”
In an inimitable style, Jaap Robben tells the life story of a fly, from the moment it enters the world as a larva right up to its deathbed. Fly befriends a buzzard and throws himself into life with gusto, however short that may be.
Biography of a Fly is a story of dis-covery, friendship and transience.

‘‘A fly isn’t born; a fly wakes up somewhere in the middle of its life.’ This is just one of the wonderful sentences from this brilliant biography of a fly, for children aged anywhere between 9 and 99.’ – Trouw

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  • Illustrated Fiction | 64 pages | 12,2 x 17,3 cm
  • Biografie van een vlieg
  • Loopvis
  • Meav (Turkish)
  • Qanun (Azerbaijani)
  • World Editions (English - World)
  • J'ai Lu (French)