Best Brothers

Silver Pencil 2021

English synopsis & sample translation available

Raf and Robbie, two brothers aged 9 and 5, move with their mother and father from the busy city to their grandparents’ farm. But their new ‘home’ is hardly a haven of peace and quiet. Every night, Grandpa goes into the forest to build a big tower, because he wants to welcome an approaching comet. Grandma is in
poor health, and Mum and Dad are wrapped up in their own lives.
The two boys are left to their own devices and feel rather lost. Slowly but surely, however, they discover that they are actually much more important to their family – and each other – than they thought.
Best Brothers is a poignant and engaging story about growing up, being brave, and believing in limitless possibilities. Jowi Schmitz masterfully captures the subtlety and vulnerability of human relationships. Best Brothers is colourfully illustrated by Chuck Groenink.

Best Brothers is a moving story about family ties.’ –

Best Brothers is, above all, an affectionate story about family you can’t choose or change.’ –

‘Everything is just right about the story of brothers Raf and Robbie, boys of flesh and blood that you will love unconditionally from the very first chapter (…). When I finished the book, I immediately wanted to adopt them and read the book again to enjoy the vibrant language in which Jowi Schmitz wrote the story.’ – Koos Meinderts

  • Illustrated Fiction | 228 pages | 15 x 21 cm
  • Beste broers
  • Hoogland & Van Klaveren