Beddy and the Mysterious Bubble Village

Beddy the cuddly sheep and little Maja are inseparable. They do everything together, eating, drawing, playing and snuggling up together in bed every night! They have so much fun that poor Beddy’s fluffy white coat really needs a wash. But there is no way Maja is going to let her favourite toy end up in the washing machine.

When Maja’s grandma slips Beddy into the delicates wash one day when Maja isn’t looking, Beddy lands in a magical world of soapy bubbles. She meets the Linties from Drummingdon and saves the day when she finds the missing sock. Beddy has so much to tell Maja when she makes her way home again, safe and sound — and (almost) as good as new.

  • Picture Book | 48 pages | 23,2 x 30,4 cm
  • Heia. Abenteuer im Schaumland
  • Bohem