Bear Woos Butterfly

Golden Paintbrush 2005

Bear tries to tell Butterfly how much he loves her, but he is shy and can’t find the right words. He paints hearts on the trees, he plays beautiful music and picks flowers. He even builds her a house! But Butterfly doesn’t understand what he’s trying to say and poor Bear gets desperate…

‘A gorgeous picture book with lots of colourful illustrations.’ –
‘This picture book by Annemarie van Haeringen is a beautifully designed book brimming with lovely and colourful illustrations.’ –

  • Picture Book | 32 pages | 28,6 x 23,8
  • Beer is op Vlinder
  • Leopold
  • Circonflexe (French)
  • Fondo de Cultura Economica (Spanish - Latin America)
  • Gitan (Korean)
  • Il gatto verde (Italian)
  • Kalima Projects (Arabic)
  • King-in Culture (Simplified Chinese)
  • Siruela (Spanish - Europe)