Ari and Loek Get a Wolf

Guus grabs Ari by the arm. Not very hard, but still.
‘You have to listen. Like Loek does.’
‘But you’re his dad,’ says Ari. ‘Not mine.’
Guus thinks for a moment. ‘But I pack your lunchbox, take you to school, and pick you up again. I put plasters on your grazes and I cook. I’m
not your father, but I am your Guus. And everybody knows that you have to listen to your Guus.’
And actually, Ari knows that too. Because in their ‘blended family’ everyone has got used to one another by now. And life does not stand still.
Apples are picked and hot fish are eaten. A guinea pig dies and a dog joins the family. And then mum Jikke and Guus have a baby together! ‘That’s so great,’ says Loek. But Ari would rather have a wolf…

  • Illustrated Fiction | 120 pages | 19 x 23 cm
  • Ari & Loek krijgen een wolf
  • Hoogland & Van Klaveren