An Elephant on your Chest

This book is inspired by conversations the author has had with others and her own personal observations. Just like her first book, it is a mixture of funny moments along with sad ones as it describes what it is like to experience lovesickness—which can feel like a big elephant sitting on your chest. Of course, there is no one way to heal a broken heart and most times it is a very tough period in your life, but you can also learn a lot about yourself and, moreover, you realise: you are not alone. Romantic love is not the only kind of love in life. There are friends and family and pets—and this book.

  • 128 pages | 16 x 22 cm
  • Elefant auf der Brust
  • Bohem
  • La Courte Échelle (French - Canada)
  • De Eenhoorn (Dutch)
  • Mondhase (Simplified Chinese)
  • Sonda (Italian)
  • BC (Korean)
  • TRA Publishing (English - World)