A Successful Life, We Muddle Through It

In 76 sharp, slightly philosophical, poignant and sometimes hilarious drawings, Os and Jo reflect on the mundanities of everyday life.

‘Who are Os and Jo? I drew a cat and a rabbit who started talking to one another. In a (to me) very logical and natural way, they talked about anything and everything, just as people talk about anything and everything. And they also started doing things, things that everybody does.
Os and Jo make me see and hear what is going on around me, seemingly normal everyday things that you take for granted. But suddenly I catch myself doing something or realise how ridiculous a casual remark actually is, how funny a phrase overheard in the supermarket can be, or the absurdity of a custom or our trivial first-world problems.’ – Sylvia van Ommen

  • 64 pages | 17,8 x 16,7 cm
  • Een succesvol leven. We slepen ons er wel doorheen
  • Hoogland & Van Klaveren