Sjoerd Kuyper

Sjoerd Kuyper made his writing debut in 1974 with a collection of poems for adults. He wrote various film scenarios, among them Het zakmes (The Pocket Knife) and Mijn opa de bankrover (My Grandpa the Bank Robber). He was awarded the Theo Thijssen Prize for his oeuvre, a Golden Slate Pencil for Robin en God (Robin and God) and six Silver Slate Pencils, the latest for Hotel De grote L (The Big L Hotel) which was nominated for the Premio Strega and awarded the Premio Orbil in Italy.
De duik (The Dive) was awarded the Jenny Smelik IBBY Prize and nominated for the Woutertje Pieterse Prize.
He is, he thinks, a writer who writes mostly about what he thinks, fears, feels, more than about what he himself has experienced. Kuyper writes in a style that is poetic, clear and vivid and enters with ease into the emotional world of young children.